Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer and then there's......school

It has been a wonderful and great summer.  And really, the kids have TWO weeks left before school starts so it's not over yet!  Woo Hoo!  Unfortunately, or I guess I should say FORTUNATELY, I started on Monday.  I don't like that I start before the kids do, but I AM grateful to be able to go to school and that I don't have to work my school around a job outside the home.  Whew, that would be tough and many people are doing it that way.  Anyway, I did not get into any of the science classes I need or wanted, but I did get History, Speech and Kinesiology (which is a required class relating to my personal physical assessment).  All required, so, um.......yay school??

This last half of summer has been super fun and super busy (sorry to have been away so long little bloggy).  Last week had my boy and me at our church camp....he as a camper, me as a counselor (prob. didn't need to clarify...haha).  Shane's week was planned long ago and my week got planned probably about two weeks prior to camp.  There was a need, I was able to make it work, and the thought of going to hang in the woods with 5th and 6th grade girls from my church actually sounded pretty fun.  So off we went.  And it was fun.....we had a blast!  A ridiculous amount of activity any 5th and 6th grader would love, tons of kids laughing and singing worship to our Lord and much time to hang out and be silly together.  Added bonus was I got to hang out with my fellow counselor friends, Dave and Stefanie!  But first off, I had to drop off my girl to her papa and grandma Anita's house.  Check out her blog to hear her scoop: http://marinsblahblahblahblog.blogspot.com/

Marin off to Papa and Grandma Anita's
Shane carrying his own gear!
Shane had a 'splash off' with one of the counselors.....my boy won!  haha
WooHoo.....tent 27 rocks!

Oh and while we were all having our little explorations, Mike was having a little giant one of his own.  He was in Indonesia with some friends from our church.  He had a life changing time while there.  It's almost like you don't even need to ask if something is different....you can SEE it.  So incredibly cool.  Too much to write but you should ask him about it, as I know he'd love to share!  

Love that guy so much!!!
So yes, you might see we've been a little busy, but each experience has been so amazing.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity for them all.  Below is a few pics from the week prior to camp.  Pretty random, but I like 'em!  So this week.....off to one last summer adventure.  We're off to our local beach for a last hurrah camp trip.  And it turns out my sis (in law), Michelle, and fam will be joining us!  Super excited for that.  Stay tuned!

Cutest cat I've ever seen.  She looks like a cartoon character.  Her name's Chowder!
I'm pretty sure you should always take advantage of a magnifying glass picture when you can.  So funny!
Wishing you much laughter!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Feet are up....sounds of my boy's music playing from upstairs....sitting next to my freshly showered girl who's watching a wee bit of mindless tv.....thinking about my hubby who's probably about a half a world away in an airplane :( ....with a tuckered out pup at my feet.....and a cold Mike's Hard Lime at my side. That's where you'll find me on this evening smack dab in the middle of the week.

We've had a very full last few days.  MUCH fun, but now it's time to take a quick breather.  It started on Friday with a staycation at my house with my family....well, we slept here, but we were out on adventures during the day.  We hit the beach, the park, mini golf, laser tag, bowling, ice cream, and when we were home we were playing games or dancing with the Wii.  And if not playing the Wii, laughing while watching.  So funny!  oh!  And a little jump or two on the trampoline!  Whew!

After most of the family left on Sunday, my parents stayed for another few days.  The main reason being so my dad could watch my kiddos while my mom and I hit the Hollywood Bowl for a concert with my bro on Tuesday eve.  A Mother's Day/Birthday present for us both from May.  And instead of a drive back and forth, they just stayed.  More days to be able to enjoy them here!

So the concert......   It was honestly not the easiest to get too.  It was on a Tuesday night, Mike was heading out of the country that eve, and then I had to figure out who would take care of the babes (thanks Dad!).  But it was SO MUCH FUN.  We stopped at Trader Joe's for some yummy 'before concert' treats.  You know, the yummy concerty kinda treats like wine, a variety of cheeses and some gooey chocolatey cakey treats.  And then we just laughed and enjoyed some wonderful live music.

TJs always has something to taste.  This eve it was yummy coffee.  Cheers!

Yay!  We're here.  They wouldn't let me bring my camera in so these last few are from my cell phone.

Today, me and the kids had another new adventure taking Penny to Dog Beach in Huntington Beach.  That too, was lots of fun. So cute to see Penny playing with her new 'for the day' beach doggy friends.  We met Aimie and her girls (including her Snowball girl) for a little bit.  But then we stayed a bit more to completely tucker our Penny-girl out!  And let me just tell you, she's been tuckered out since we got home.  She woke up to eat a quick dinner and then back to sleep!

So yes, we're blubbering a little bit right now, we're all so very tired.  But what a great few days we've had!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cherry on Top

So I've long realized that my reentry back to reality after some time in these......

doesn't always go so smoothly.  I often find myself in a big 'ol nasty funk.  And I can only attribute it to the fact that I LOVE it there.  I love it home....but I do love me some trees with my family!  

After this last trip, we had SO much fun, but we were also ready for some serious down time.  We did a little shopping, saw a  movie, had a full day in pajamas and today cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  

I think in my funk I crave the downtime, but then before I realize it, it's....just...too...much...downtime.  The first couple of hours of our cleaning frenzy today went pretty well, everyone doing their thing.  But then the kids were done and I had some more to finish, wishing I was done.  And then the fighting started and things got accidentally knocked over (candle wax all over the table anyone???).  Anyhoo, I'm just gonna say we really needed to get outta Dodge.  And fast!  So off we went, looking for fun at our community pool!

And let me tell you, we needed it bad......being out in the sun, making 'for the day' pool friends, getting some goofiness out.

And even though there was still some of this...

It ended up being a REALLY great day.

One where we didn't just stop at swimming at the pool, but one where we went all in.  Hitting Coldstone on the way home and throwing in a family game night for the cherry on top!

And now I am happy to say....the funk is gone!  Replaced by excitement from all of us for our next adventures starting tomorrow!