Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving here.  

Some early preparations in our PJs

Some Thanksgiving Day football at the park


Lots of Family

Lots of Laughs

Yummy Food

A super touching poem 

True Thanksgiving

Oh!  And some crazy ladies midnight shopping......ALL smiling!

Why I am Thankful this Thanksgiving Day

            As I sit and ponder about what I am thankful for, I realize that I have a great life.  I am very thankful for my amazing parents.  I am thankful for them because they wake me up with a smile on their face waiting for me to get ready.  I appreciate having a wonderful family from my brother to my grandparents.  I enjoy having a great doctor, mailman, and dentist.  Oh, how much I love the people in my life.
            I am thankful for many things too.  One big thing is I absolutely love having my own room or my awesome house.  My life is also important to me.  Some other things I love are my adorable puppy or having an option of taking a shower or even popcorn.  I am filled with gratitude that I have an iPod or computer.
            Although these things are important, I have more important things in life, such as God.  God is probably one of the most important people because he forgives our sins.  Soldiers because they fight for things we take for granted.  I am o’ so thankful for everything in the world.

By Marin Bowe

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall in the Home

I realize I was on fire with my postings and then after the race, poof, I disappeared!  I had an exam that Monday after the race, and then a week after that I have a major paper due (due tomorrow).  Seriously, super big.  School has been challenging, but very rewarding.  I'm often caught in a balancing act (as a mom, what isn't a balancing act??).  This last week, when I've found a little time, I've really tried to plug in my family and friends.  So the computer has been the one to take the back burner.  Which is totally fine.   
In a post a little while back I wrote about some things I'd like to try.  And me and my girl made it happen.  Well, one of the things.....fall leaves.  I usually enjoy trying to add a handmade thing around the house here and there to make the holidays special, and I was getting a little bummed that it hadn't happened yet.  So last night after we had a cleaning frenzy (did I mention we're hosting Thanksgiving?), we got our craft on.  And I love our leaves!  To recap, they were made from melting crayons between wax paper.

I love how each one it different, just like in nature.  We hung some above our table, and put a few above our door.

 I also really wanted to put a gratitude wall somewhere.  Something where when the mood stuck we could put a note of something we're grateful for.  I had lots of cute and creative ideas of how to do it, but in the end I just went for easy and bought some fallish color post-its.  Wah-la.....

Alright, well I think that's it for any new fall or thanksgiving decor.  But since I'm at it, here's a new little area in my house.  Well, not totally new, but I've added a few new treasures.  It makes me happy!

I got these at a little store in Santa Barbara.  Wish I remembered the name, but aren't they cute?!

From my uber talented friend, Aimie.  You can find her shop here.

Another find from Santa Barbara.  :)
Okay, so I'm off again.  Time to finalize that paper of mine. Off to write all about the wonderful bacteria known as Serratia marcescens  and Bacillus megaterium!  Yay!!  Sound like something you'd like to read???

And tonight, if when my paper is done and the stars align, we'll make some caramel apples!  I'll leave you with some happy and ridiculously beautiful trees!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Running through SB

This morning I feel refreshed and good.  Something about working your body out so you can feel that slight tightness of your muscles.  It's not a 'pain' thing, but a 'refreshed' thing.  As if my legs are saying, "finally!"  And I am happy I was able to oblige.

Yesterday we were running the streets of Santa Barbara in their 1/2 marathon.  It was super beautiful weather (thank you God!), and the course was really nice.  Before it had even started I was kinda mad at myself for the lack of training.  I KNEW I could do it, but there was a piece of me that doubted.  Maybe I'd hurt myself??  And then there was my husband.  He had really messed up his calf and I was a little afraid that HE wouldn't be able to finish and I'd be running 13 (.1) miles alone, let alone that he'd injure himself even more.  But he did do it, he finished.  And I did it!  I was running, feeling so grateful that I have a body that can DO these kinds of things.  Running, surrounded by people, who DO these kinds of things (including big and small builds of people, children, wheelchair bound, and older adults).  These people get out and go!  They inspire me.  It is a privilege to be able to do this together.

And I am finding myself thinking of my friend Aimie.  Of my gratitude for her.  She's the one with red hair (below).  :)  It was in 2005 when she helped the little voice in my head.  Telling me I could do it.  That was my first race.  And I did do it.  She has been my listening friend, my walking partner, and someone who just gets me (or is ok with the quirks).  And often is the one with great ideas and invites me along.  Anyway, so grateful that she has highlighted this little 'get out there' bug in me.  So grateful that she is in my life and that I get to call her my friend.

And so today, I am not too surprised that I find myself asking, okay, when's the next one.

As I walk around today.  I'll let my little stiffness give me a smile, reminding me of yesterday.

 But now I'm off to study!  Exam in 27.5 hours!  I guess another sort of race.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10 :: November

Ten on Ten Photo ProjectTake a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

Today Mike and I headed out to Santa Barbara with some friends.  The goal is a 1/2 marathon and to have fun!  And seeing that we did not train as we should have, notice that I wrote "a" 1/2 marathon vs. "run" a 1/2 marathon.  ;)  And fun we shall have.  No big camera this weekend, so here's some cell phone pics.....

Eeek.  Exam on Monday.  Must keep studying!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Nucleoside Analogues
Polymyxin B
Amphotericin B


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Games

Yesterday, Shane and Marin had their last official games of the season.  Big yay and a big boo at the same time.  Big yay, because that means that our schedule frees up a whole lot, but also a big boo because I'm really going to miss my kids out their playing their hearts out!

Shane's team, the Chargers, had a disappointing loss, but they all played hard!  And Shane got a sack!  As I was in the stands looking out at my boy, my heart was so full.  He worked his butt off during his first tackle season and learned so much discipline and skills.  This is something that he wanted and I did not see him give up in any way whatsoever.  I was sitting there hoping he knew how amazing he is.  How much his mom admires him.

Marin's team, the Purple Thunder, ended the season with a win!  Today everything just clicked as a team and they played very well!  But Marin.....I could see very quickly she was after a goal.  She kept shooting and shooting, where I even yelled at her, "Marin, you can taste that goal, can't you??!!?"  She smiled.  And then soon after, she got it.  Such a great game.  But for Marin, that was what she started the season wanting, that goal.  For her it was a personal triumph.

So two successful games in my eyes.  Two kids who will try and strive for their goals.  Figuratively and literally!  Love, love, love these two!  So blessed to have been chosen to be their mom.

Here I was

My silhouette, age 5.  My mom says one of her best presents.  I'm totally making these.  ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Inspiration

There's been quite a few sites that I've come across and bookmarked lately.  I think that maybe due to the season, I've been craving to make some things.  Either way, I really want to try and do these.  Maybe for some gifts??  I saw this blog, where she put up "Some Links to Looooove".  And I thought, great idea!  So here's what's been catching my eye and thought I'd share the ideas with you.....

Owl Pillows: There's no pattern or anything.  But I think I could easily use some scraps or pick some up and pull it together.  They are so cute!

Wax Paper and Crayon leaves:  Thought these would be fun for the kids.  Better get on this one, or the season will pass.

DIY Wrap Bracelets:  Love these.  And they look fairly easy to make!

Homemade Caramel Corn:  This is a yummy treat.  Again, I think the kids would like to make with me.  And looks SO good.  Mmmmmm.

Sky Lanterns:  This is more of a 'do' than a 'make'.  But since I've seen these maybe a year ago, I LOVE the idea.  Not sure if it's legal where I live though.  Gotta check on that.  But still....would love to have an occasion where I could let off some Sky Lanterns!

Silhouette Tutorial:  Silhouettes have been around for quite awhile.  I can remember one of me....or one of us kids at my parents house.  ( they still have it??).  Anyway.  I kind of love the idea of making one of each of my kids.  They are growing up so fast, so I think it would be cool to capture their profile in silhouette.

So, I'm sure there's so much more out there.  These were just the few that caught my eye.  Hopefully I will actually do a few of them!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things making me smile today....

Albertson's still has some pumpkins left.  Of course I grabbed a couple for seeds Thanksgiving decorations.

We don't have many trees changing colors here, but LOVE when I see this!

Totally made me smile to crunch on the leaves today on my run, jog, trot/walk.  :)