Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just 'cause......

So, I've been intrigued by blogging for quiet some time. I regularly check out other blogs and love how I can get some 'how-to' info on some topics, but what I really love is how it can be used to share quick (and sometimes long) stories and photos for family and friends. I have also recently gotten more into photography and have really loved how it's made me look into my 'normal' and discover joys that to me were hidden before looking through my lens. I think that's what put me over the edge to blog, wanting a place to put them up so they just sit with me a bit longer. So.....I don't know why today is the day, but it just is. I've decided to give it a go. We'll see if it lasts (I'm hoping at least until the end of summer!).

Ummm, alright, summer. WooHoo it is here! I think it's an even bigger WOOHOO because not only are the kids out of school, but me too! I started going back to school this past fall, with a goal in nursing. And it has kicked my butt! Sooo, my goal this summer is to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Right off the bat we took off on our annual trip to Rancho Mirage for the first weekend school is out. Traditionally, we've gone with at least 5 families to kick off the summer, and this year was no different (including us it was 7!). Tons of kids, lots of laughter, and plenty of relaxing! It was a great weekend!

Palm Springs

Oh! But before we headed out, Shane had to get a summer ' likey?

Well, so now we're back home trying to get into a summer groove. So far we've only accomplished groceries and errands. But even in the mundane, our goal is to make it more fun, or at least interesting.