Monday, December 5, 2011

One week from today

....I'll be doing the happy dance.

This Wednesday I take my lab final and in 7 days, on Monday, I'll be taking my lecture final.  And then this part of the journey will be DONE!!  WooHoo.  And   I.   Cannot.   Wait.

I keep telling the kids, when I get out of school.....
we'll decorate the tree......
we'll go to the movies......
we'll stay up late and watch Christmas movies......
we'll start a puzzle.....
fill in the blank!

In a strange twist of blessings, we volunteered to host a family Christmas party this last weekend.  And because of that, we had a tornado-type quick decorating session immediately after Thanksgiving.  The boys decorating the outside and us girls decorating the inside.  And the blessing in that....taking a break to have a fun time celebrating with family AND a festive and decorated home.  Yay.  Can't say that the decorating would have gotten done if not for that party.

No ornaments yet, but we DID get the tree.  So, I experimented a bit with my camera settings for the funky lights.

Love to cut out paper snowflakes.  The movie "Elf" always inspires me.  ;)

Reminds me of my childhood.  Love the paper village.  And now my kids do too!

Saw this idea online for these paper ornaments.  Super easy and cute!

When we've been out and Marin see's caroling figures she asks, "don't you want those so you can get rid of those wrinkly carolers you have?"  And I think, no way!  I LOVE my wrinkly faced carolers.

Something about these little paper mache ornaments that make me smile.  The colors?  The glitter?  Don't know but they were a new find and I like 'em!

So as I suck it up for ONE MORE WEEK, I'm surrounded by things that make me smile.

Well, I'm guessing I won't be back for a few days.  But I WILL be back!

BTW....99/100 on my paper that I did two weeks ago.  Woohoo!

One more week, one more week!