Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 on 10 :: February

 Ten on Ten Photo Project:  Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

 Snap, Crackle......

 Pre-class study session in the car with a little pick me up

 Oh joy!

Yes, I'm the dork who brought my camera INTO class....again.  Uh huh,  I'm cool like that.

Can you name???   Me neither.

Oh yes....still here.

 #2 coffee for the day.  De-stress with some caffeine.

 Little study cram before kids get home. 

Love our little brat. to the airport for a pick up.

Woo Hoo!!  A visit from Aunt Kerri.  And yes, that's Starbucks #2 for the day.  *sigh*  (Although I opted for tea this time!)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Haven't driven in traffic in a long time.  Well, let me clarify....morning, commute traffic.  For some reason that's different than traffic that you stumble upon while getting out of town for a vacation or a visit somewhere.  Morning, commute traffic.....blehhhh.  Vacation traffic....ok.

I was headed for a tutoring session.  Not one where I would teach someone, but for someone to teach ME. likey!  So here I was, leaving an hour before my appointment to get there by 9, driving in traffic, and then knowing I get to pay for this session in this subject that I, well,  really don't care for.

Daydreaming about the carpool lane....

Found my thoughts whirling ALOT.  Thinking about life.  About friends.  About school.  About family.  Kinda went to heavy places and my heart was feeling that specific kinda squeeze when your mind starts to go there.  But also, my mind then went to prayer.  Started one by one, giving it to God.  So grateful for the knowledge of a Lord who wants to take my burdens from me and is a constant companion in my life.

So I finally get to the darn place and the woman who was to teach me, she did not show.  She thought 10 not 9.  Erggggg!  Back to the car.

Driving home I heard this song I am so loving by Pink.  So in her original version she uses an explicit word over and over.  To be honest I do like that kinda drives the message home.  It is meaningful that this version is out there, but as a regular listen, I prefer the clean one.  Good for all ears to hear.  If you feel like checking out the video you can find it on You Tube.  Pretty harsh, but so honest and really I find it beautiful.  (Don't judge ;).  Here's the song with only the 'clean' lyrics. some sort of disclaimer...I do not feel ANYONE is perfect but that we were perfectly made.  I am made exactly as God wanted me to be.  And you are too!

Hmmmm.   Well, at least there wasn't traffic on the way home.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

All Kinds of Random...

::  Grateful for people who put stickers on their cars and/or bumpers.  They entertain me.

I saw this and at first I thought.... awww, wonder if this person is large (like in stature) and I thought they were maybe just making a joke of it.  And then I got it.  Haha.  Thought it was funny.
::  Always am amazed at the crazy that is the Girl Scout Cookie business.  They sure know what they're doing!

::  Shane went to Science Camp this week.  Something he's been looking forward to for a long time!

Whole lotta love sending our "babies" off.

::  With Shane gone and Mike traveling too it was just me and my girl.  So we went out for a date!

::  Got some cool new gear for my Chemistry class.  Look, you can be cool too, just like me!

::  And then, yay!  Week went by fast and then came the return of the boys!

Check out the supa chapped lips!  And nice hair too!
He was exhausted...walking around in a daze.  See that outfit??  I guess that's what he wore all week.  This during the day, Pjs at night, and then back into this.  Who needs a stinkin' shower??  haha.  
He had a blast.  So, so much fun!

::  And then today Marin and I got our craft on.  My friend has done these and I've always wanted to try it out.  So totally on a whim, we bought some supplies and were off.  I've had these older pics of my family probably since Shane was a baby.  I had wanted to frame them and still had not done anything.  So happy how it turned out.  Marin's was super cute too!  I love seeing how she puts things together.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn't, that's for sure!

Check out those miniature versions of Marin and her best bud!  So cute!!!