Thursday, September 8, 2011


So this past weekend we had a fun and very full weekend.  Filled to the brim with good stuff.  And it was a little of everything....friends, family, exploring, sports, swimming, eating.  It was the last official weekend of summer and it was a blast.

On Sunday, our family and some friends headed up to L.A. to hike up to the Hollywood sign.  Perfect weather and a really nice moderate hike.


Afterwards, we headed to this place called the Gratitude Cafe.  Loved it immediately....awesome ambience....good looking menu.  Side note, it's vegan.  But my kids have eaten plenty of times at vegan restaurants, no big deal for them.  They ordered nachos though, and this is what they got.

He's smiling because I said so.  haha.

A close up.

Not what they're used to, to say the least.  Anyway, as they picked away at their seeded crackers and guacamole, Mike and I enjoyed our super delicious food.


My kids ended up taking over my sandwich.  And now, we've got a new inside joke.  Since Sunday, at least one of my kids have mentioned the nachos.  "Mom, remember those nachos?"  "....kinda like those nachos, huh mom?" I can see us definitely going back if we're in the area, but I'm thinking the kiddos will skip the nachos and go for something different.  ;)

Loved this picture from there...

I looked at this and thought....hmm, really cool art.  I love the colors, the trees, her glasses.  But that was it.  And then Shane looks over and says, (paraphrased) "Mom isn't it cool how what is really there is dried out old trees, but what she sees is beautiful green trees with apples?"  Love how he saw it right  away.  And now I love this picture even more.

On a side note, my 'babies' started school yesterday.  I was so bummed because I had class yesterday and didn't get to do all my first day of school routines.  I did snap a photo of them before I left though.  They had an awesome first day and both love their teachers.  Can't ask for more than that!