Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy {fill in the blank} Day

Seriously cannot believe it's March 1st.  Seemed that I should shout that out a bit.  HAPPY MARCH 1st!!!

In case you didn't know, today March 1st is.......

National Pancake Day!  Yay, for National Pancake Day!!  Today, IHOP was giving away a shortstack of pancakes to everyone.  Their hope was that people who enjoyed their gift would consider leaving a donation for local children's hospitals.  Nommm....yes we enjoyed...and of course we donated!

Another March 1st event .....

Mr. Bieber's 17th Birthday.  Um, yah.... I know these important things.

Even the boy got in the spirit.  Ignore the mini electronics occupying my little angels, check out Shane's arm.  JB...Justin Bieber...as in Happy Birthday JB.  (more mocking than anything, but still...)

And in case you were wondering, also going on today March 1st....

Girl Scout Cookies are still going strong.

After some super support with a initial order ginormous order from Marin's cousin Ciarra, my girl's goal keeps going up and up.  Those college students sure love them some Girl Scout Cookies.  And we are more than happy to supply!  

You can catch us (and your local girl scout) at grocery stores thru March 13th. 

Coming soon.... March 20th, we find Spring!!  Happy Day to you!