Thursday, September 30, 2010

Head in the Clouds

I've been completely enamored by clouds of late.  The weather has really been spinning us around.  70 degree temps one week and then skyrocketing up past the 100s the next and now these last few days we've gotten these ridiculously gorgeous clouds with a slight tease of rain.  Now, I'm not a typical cloud lover.  You know, I enjoy them like the next to find things in them, etc.  But not like these last few days....these last few days if I'm outside, I'm staring straight up into that sky.  If I'm driving, my neck is bent all weird trying to look up and out my windshield window while keeping at least one eye peeled to the road.  And even though I try, I can't stop but say, "Wow!"  These clouds have simply been breathtaking.  Puffy white against a beautiful blue.  In the mornings I've been able to grab my camera and grab some shots, but I just can't capture what I see and feel on film.  I keep trying though.

We've been on a treadmill of sorts, with work, school and sports and then of course practices, etc.  But THIS eve we had a wide open evening.  So my cloud obsession brought us to the beach.  I was certain those clouds would be there too and they wanted to give us a spectacular show.  We all got busy with what had to be done so we could take this impromptu trip.  I whipped up a quick batch of peanut butter brownies and threw together a modge podge of food that would pass for dinner.  The kids got busy with their homework.  And Mike finished up some loose ends at work.  And then......

we hit the beach.  And even though those kids always say they won't go in the water (when we're there for know, it's night-like and kinda cold)......they were in that water.  Marin fully clothed.....Shane had sense enough to take the shirt off first.  :)  I love the fully clothed beach nights.  They don't happen often, but I really do love them.  We wraggled them in to get our grub on and then they were off again.  And me and the hubby, we were able to just sit and watch.

And then the show started.  Wow!  What a show.  God sure outdid himself.  It was so amazingly beautiful, breathtaking, fabulous.....  there's a perfect word, but what is it?  Whatever the word...and even if we didn't know we needed it, it breathed air....and fresh LIFE, into all of us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Ready for some FOOTBALL

So yesterday was the day.  My boy had his first flag football game of the season.  And like my girl's first was simply A-MAZING!  He was pulling flags and was ALL in.  Mike and I had to divide up because both our kids had games at the exact same time (of course they did), so as happy and thankful I was to get to see Shane in his flag pulling glory, I was sad that Mike didn't get to see it first hand too.  That's just the way it goes sometimes.  But I guess reliving both their games through their excited explanations can be pretty cool too.  When you can fully sense that they know they played hard and well and are nothing but happy to share it with someone who wants to know every detail.  Not sure what it is about this season, maybe it's their age....but so far, they are killing it!  And I want to do nothing else but watch them do it!

:: wish #5 wasn't blocking my shot ::
:: Another shot that's not totally clear, but can you see what's in that mohawked dude's hand? ::
:: Shane got to play his very good friend's team, so it only made if funner cheering them both on (I have to add, his friend had a pretty great game too!)::

Did I say yet that they won?   .....'cuz they totally did.  ;)

Like after most games, we had to hit the nearest spot to grab a slurpee.  And in this 100+ heat.....we went SUPER size x 4!

And as if our day was not already pretty perfect, we took some time to shower and relax and then went after some more.  Had our good friends come on over for some family fun and some hangin'.  So nice, because we've missed this kind of time with them.

And what's better than one momma's margarita??

:    :    :    :    :

Two momma's margarita's, of course!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Why, hello there!  It's been some time since my last post. Things have taken off here and I've been scurrying around searching for my groove.  Now that the kids are in school, as my typical style, I'm attempting to scatter myself in a variety of ways.  I'm just hoping that I remember to see this extra time as the blessing it is and however I choose to use it (with school, volunteering, friends, even cleaning) to keep that blessing in focus.  I know I'll need to cushion the 'busy' with downtime, but I hope to keep the joy a part of it all!

This week......More evidence of fall.....

A little project I'm working on.  It may take 3 years, but I hope to turn this.....

Into some version of this  (bad photo copy to follow)......

Oh!  And I can't forget, Happy 3rd Birthday little man!  We had so much fun with you!  We love you so much and hope your day is super wonderful!

Wish you a most fabulous week!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's not for everyone....

Marin: "I'm not suppose to share anything at lunch, but I let my friend try some of my peach 'raisins' today." 
Me:  "Really?  You're not allowed to share anything from your lunch at school?"
Shane: "I trade all the time.  I hate those sandwich things mom packs us, and I trade them."
Marin:  "Oh okay, so Shane, all you have to do is take out the meat stuff and plug your nose while you eat it and then take a quick drink of your juice.  Then you can eat the cheese and bread by itself."

I've been buying these deli slices since last year and putting them in my kids' lunches.  I take it that they don't like them???  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall = Sports

Fall starts for us with the start of school.  Seriously, one day it's summer and the very next day it's fall, like turning a page.  It might not technically be fall, but for us... it's fall.  And then after that we start to notice the trickle of signs that have already been showing themselves but we now can see.  Spider webs start popping up on our walk to school.  We start seeing some of the tree's leaves changing colors.  

And then.... the sports start.  I'm not talking about the professional sports that of course are happening at the same time.  I'm talking kids sports. We start hearing about a friend's daughter who is running her very first high school cross country race. Or about another friend who will be juggling three tournament games all in one day.  And I'm telling you, I LOVE it.  We say goodbye to our open weekends, but we're getting something so special in return.  I love hearing about all these kids being active outdoors (or in) and triumphing in areas that they've worked hard and practiced for.  And I really love it when I can see it firsthand with my own kiddos. 

Today started my girl's soccer season and in two weeks my boy's football season will kickoff.  And today's was just amazing.  Marin's team played so well together....dribbling, passing....really playing.  They ran all over the field, all over the little scatter of brown and yellow leaves freshly fallen, cheering each other on and having a BALL.  

The cherry on top?  Marin's field for the season is at their school...walking distance.  When we moved into this home I had visions of my kids playing there, us watching from the sidelines.  But then year after year, we'd be driving off to other fields and seeing other teams playing at 'our' field in our rearview mirrors.  So this morning as we got ready for the game, we got a backpack for our girl to carry her water and put chairs on our backs, put Pennylicious on a leash and walked to Marin's game. *Big cheesy smile here* Funny, because we did get some looks.  Someone even stopped to ask where we were going.  But we completely embraced and enjoyed our little jaunt.  And then thoroughly enjoyed the most rockin' first game of the season!

Oh!  And did I mention my girl scored a goal???  ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten on Ten :: September

So I decided to try something new and do this Ten on Ten Photo Project.  Basically you take a picture every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of the month.  It's all about capturing the beauty and life all around you.  Sounds good to me!  Here's what I got for today:

::7am   Some serious bed head!  Haha!!

::8am   Out for our walk

::9am   Some backyard beautifulness

::10am   Well hello there sunshine!

::11pm   A trip to the yarn store

::12pm   Now to Michaels for a new hook (New project in the works!)

::1pm   Pick up Penny at the groomers

::2pm   The kids reaction to Penny's new 'do

::3pm   A little after school computer time

::4pm   Guess where we're going????

And a Happy Friday to you!!!