Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten on Ten :: December

Ten on Ten Photo Project:  Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

*Was supposed to be done on the 10th.  I took the pics on the 10th, but just now had time to get them on my blog! Here they are....

::8 ish  Waking up!

::9 ish  Finished desk

::10ish  Broken

::11ish  Love the design

::12 ish  Yay.... Christmas cards going out!

::1 ish  This photo actually makes me frown.  Hate those you ever wonder what that's doing to our air??

::2 ish  Love-ly

::3 ish  Got the idea for Peppermint Bark from here.

::4 ish  Missed the 'after' shot though!

::5 ish  After the bark we were on to new things.  Yay....I found a recipe for a super yummy vegetarian stuffing!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling Merry

I have only bought one gift.  :/  One gift and I haven't written a list yet of who else I need to buy for.  And ideas for those gifts???  Nada.

I'm feeling a little behind.

Behind, but not stressed.  I think in some weird way I'm strolling along with December enjoying these moments that are sneaking up on me.

I am thankful Mike, Shane and Marin got us started by getting the lights on the house the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Every time we have gone's looked like we've got this Christmas thing going, not to mention giving us each a smile.  It's like my house says 'Merry Christmas' every time I see those lights.  And I like those kinds of Merry Christmas'.  Peaceful.  No rushing.  Doesn't cost money.  Pretty.  A reminder of the happy day to come.

I think this first week of December has been like that.  Many moments bringing lots of joy.

One thing that I know has really influenced things have been our 'no tv' rule.  We (and when you read 'we' read 'Mike and I' ;) decided to turn off the T.V. from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  There's a few other restrictions in there too like no computer for mom except an am and pm time with a few other exceptions.   And Mike....he's got some phone restrictions. ;).  We have allowed ourselves to watch some Christmas movies during this time though.  But it's been pretty great.  It's funny how often we turn to electronics when we're feeling bored.  And so lately, we've most often turned to each other.  I think it's allowed us to linger once finished with something because we're wanting to check out the (fill in the blank).  It's been really nice.

So this has been a pretty full week, like most weeks in December will be.  On Saturday after another of my boys exciting football games (yay, Lions!!), we had our first Christmas party of the season.  We had tons of laughter and fun with family creating new traditions and also celebrating old ones.  As always...LOVE seeing cousins play with cousins and in some instances, cousins playing with aunts and uncles too.

I can tell you want to laugh at our Santa.  But he's perfectly imperfect.  Which is really better than perfect.

LOVE Just Dance.  If you don't have it...go get it.
And then on Sunday we headed out and cut ourselves a TREE!!  (Have to thank my friend on this one, I was thinking we had to wait until after the 12th and she encouraged me to get the darn tree already!).  It's been y. e. a. r. s. since we've had a live tree.  I don't think my kids had one memory of searching and picking the "perfect" tree and that glorious smell.  So...we decided to go for the real deal.  And not only did we PICK that beautiful tree, my kiddos were able to cut it down too.    Supa' fresh!  So then of course our Sunday eve was filled with some decorating, with a few craft projects thrown on the side.

Forgot to mention it rained...

I heard "Merry Christmas" in all these things.  And it's these kind of things that keep the "Merry Christmas" ringing in my heart.  (Seriously...I'm sitting here typing this with a fully content lopsided grin on my face.)

I know I'll have to get my list going pretty soon.  And I know once I get started I'll get into finding/making things for those I love.  But for sure I want to keep in this posture to enjoy all these December happenings and not to stress.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This past week...

We visited the San Gabriel Mission with a cousin.

I finished with some new decorating things around the house.  Including new paint for one wall, the completion of my blanket, and some new photos up for another wall.

We visited the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.

We watched/played the best kind of football...dads/sons/daughters on Thanksgiving morning.

We witnessed a life sized game of Jenga.

We decided to turn off the TV until Christmas.

We wandered through nature with friends.

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal not once or twice, but three times with family.

We started putting up the Christmas decorations.

We hit up a cool local craft fair.

Dang!  It was a good week.  Not looking forward to the early wake up and homework of tomorrow.  But we are all so thankful for a  pretty amazing week!

Oh!  And guess what?  Shane's team made the big deal playoffs.  First game tomorrow night, and they'll keep going until someone says stop. :)  Looking forward to some good games ahead!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just thinking

I was at Lowe's yesterday and as I was waiting for some paint to get mixed (I did it...I went orange for one of my walls...still trying to decide if I completely love it...okay, I digress) I went walking around.  I was looking for some little pots for indoor plants.  I found these little pots and I grabbed them up quick.  See...they are made out of recycled candy wrappers.  I loved the size of the little pots, but I really loved that they were made of reused items.  But then I started thinking, are they really reused???  I can so picture a little factory somewhere making these little wrappers, just to make these pots and other items.  I mean are there people really going through trash in hopes that just maybe they'd find a wrapper or two??  So to be fair, maybe that is what is happening, and that doesn't make me feel good, but I really just can't see it.  So then I felt like it probably made no difference to buy these or any other pot that was displayed.  Anyway, like I said, just thinking.

Ummm, on a totally different note....
I went to a swap meet today.  A really HUGE swap meet.  It was fun.  But I was totally expecting to find THE find.  The perfect little old thing I didn't know I needed or wanted.  No such luck.  I DID see a special little treasure though.  One that if it were a few years ago, I would have snatched it up super quick. I didn't today. But I'm still thinking about it!

It was the lunch box I had as a wee little one.  I love it.  It just makes me happy and smile.  So at the time I was thinking, what in the world would I use it for now?  And now in hindsight, I think I totally would have used it.  Oh well...I took some pics of it.  :)  The pics make me smile too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Can someone please explain myself to me

i've got some large honkin' feet
um yah.  size 10.
now, they haven't always been this big
for many years i was rockin' a size 9
two babies later....size 10 it is
seriously what is up with that...babies????
why would my feet grow after babies?

anyways....tonight, David Crowder Band
me, my family and friends went to see the David Crowder Band
if you've never hear of them, look 'em up
seriously...go do that now
They are awesome
a w e s o m e
I had never seen that man before tonight
love love his quirky style
love his voice and songs
so super good

my foot's a size 10
for some reason, there's times i'll buy a 9 1/2
s q u e e z e  my size 10 foot in a 9 1/2
makes me feel like my feet look a little less.....well, big I guess

all that jumping around tonight
loving me some david crowder
in my size 9 1/2 shoes

And, well feet hurt

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten on Ten :: November

Ten on Ten Photo Project Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

::8 ish   Morning drop off.  Why are we not walking?!?

::9 ish   Met a friend for a good walk.  For us AND the doggies.

::9 ish   A little cheat.  Still 9ish...on our walk.  This is to replace the 4pm photo that isn't there.  ;)

::10 ish   An 'after walk' treat

::11ish    The coffee is done and capped & still chattin' away!

::12 ish   Look at her eyes!  I totally think she's cursing at me!!

::1 pm   Finally getting clean!

::2 ish   Homework time!

::3 ish   Gave her a little haircut.  Now she's saying...uh huh, I'm hot!

::5 ish   Haha.  Dinner of champions!