Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall in the Home

I realize I was on fire with my postings and then after the race, poof, I disappeared!  I had an exam that Monday after the race, and then a week after that I have a major paper due (due tomorrow).  Seriously, super big.  School has been challenging, but very rewarding.  I'm often caught in a balancing act (as a mom, what isn't a balancing act??).  This last week, when I've found a little time, I've really tried to plug in my family and friends.  So the computer has been the one to take the back burner.  Which is totally fine.   
In a post a little while back I wrote about some things I'd like to try.  And me and my girl made it happen.  Well, one of the things.....fall leaves.  I usually enjoy trying to add a handmade thing around the house here and there to make the holidays special, and I was getting a little bummed that it hadn't happened yet.  So last night after we had a cleaning frenzy (did I mention we're hosting Thanksgiving?), we got our craft on.  And I love our leaves!  To recap, they were made from melting crayons between wax paper.

I love how each one it different, just like in nature.  We hung some above our table, and put a few above our door.

 I also really wanted to put a gratitude wall somewhere.  Something where when the mood stuck we could put a note of something we're grateful for.  I had lots of cute and creative ideas of how to do it, but in the end I just went for easy and bought some fallish color post-its.  Wah-la.....

Alright, well I think that's it for any new fall or thanksgiving decor.  But since I'm at it, here's a new little area in my house.  Well, not totally new, but I've added a few new treasures.  It makes me happy!

I got these at a little store in Santa Barbara.  Wish I remembered the name, but aren't they cute?!

From my uber talented friend, Aimie.  You can find her shop here.

Another find from Santa Barbara.  :)
Okay, so I'm off again.  Time to finalize that paper of mine. Off to write all about the wonderful bacteria known as Serratia marcescens  and Bacillus megaterium!  Yay!!  Sound like something you'd like to read???

And tonight, if when my paper is done and the stars align, we'll make some caramel apples!  I'll leave you with some happy and ridiculously beautiful trees!

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