Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Games

Yesterday, Shane and Marin had their last official games of the season.  Big yay and a big boo at the same time.  Big yay, because that means that our schedule frees up a whole lot, but also a big boo because I'm really going to miss my kids out their playing their hearts out!

Shane's team, the Chargers, had a disappointing loss, but they all played hard!  And Shane got a sack!  As I was in the stands looking out at my boy, my heart was so full.  He worked his butt off during his first tackle season and learned so much discipline and skills.  This is something that he wanted and I did not see him give up in any way whatsoever.  I was sitting there hoping he knew how amazing he is.  How much his mom admires him.

Marin's team, the Purple Thunder, ended the season with a win!  Today everything just clicked as a team and they played very well!  But Marin.....I could see very quickly she was after a goal.  She kept shooting and shooting, where I even yelled at her, "Marin, you can taste that goal, can't you??!!?"  She smiled.  And then soon after, she got it.  Such a great game.  But for Marin, that was what she started the season wanting, that goal.  For her it was a personal triumph.

So two successful games in my eyes.  Two kids who will try and strive for their goals.  Figuratively and literally!  Love, love, love these two!  So blessed to have been chosen to be their mom.

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