Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Inspiration

There's been quite a few sites that I've come across and bookmarked lately.  I think that maybe due to the season, I've been craving to make some things.  Either way, I really want to try and do these.  Maybe for some gifts??  I saw this blog, where she put up "Some Links to Looooove".  And I thought, great idea!  So here's what's been catching my eye and thought I'd share the ideas with you.....

Owl Pillows: There's no pattern or anything.  But I think I could easily use some scraps or pick some up and pull it together.  They are so cute!

Wax Paper and Crayon leaves:  Thought these would be fun for the kids.  Better get on this one, or the season will pass.

DIY Wrap Bracelets:  Love these.  And they look fairly easy to make!

Homemade Caramel Corn:  This is a yummy treat.  Again, I think the kids would like to make with me.  And looks SO good.  Mmmmmm.

Sky Lanterns:  This is more of a 'do' than a 'make'.  But since I've seen these maybe a year ago, I LOVE the idea.  Not sure if it's legal where I live though.  Gotta check on that.  But still....would love to have an occasion where I could let off some Sky Lanterns!

Silhouette Tutorial:  Silhouettes have been around for quite awhile.  I can remember one of me....or one of us kids at my parents house.  ( they still have it??).  Anyway.  I kind of love the idea of making one of each of my kids.  They are growing up so fast, so I think it would be cool to capture their profile in silhouette.

So, I'm sure there's so much more out there.  These were just the few that caught my eye.  Hopefully I will actually do a few of them!


  1. Yes...we stil have it. It was one of the bests presents I received.

  2. You made a silhouette of yourselve in kindergarten. It was the best present.
    Love Mom