Sunday, November 13, 2011

Running through SB

This morning I feel refreshed and good.  Something about working your body out so you can feel that slight tightness of your muscles.  It's not a 'pain' thing, but a 'refreshed' thing.  As if my legs are saying, "finally!"  And I am happy I was able to oblige.

Yesterday we were running the streets of Santa Barbara in their 1/2 marathon.  It was super beautiful weather (thank you God!), and the course was really nice.  Before it had even started I was kinda mad at myself for the lack of training.  I KNEW I could do it, but there was a piece of me that doubted.  Maybe I'd hurt myself??  And then there was my husband.  He had really messed up his calf and I was a little afraid that HE wouldn't be able to finish and I'd be running 13 (.1) miles alone, let alone that he'd injure himself even more.  But he did do it, he finished.  And I did it!  I was running, feeling so grateful that I have a body that can DO these kinds of things.  Running, surrounded by people, who DO these kinds of things (including big and small builds of people, children, wheelchair bound, and older adults).  These people get out and go!  They inspire me.  It is a privilege to be able to do this together.

And I am finding myself thinking of my friend Aimie.  Of my gratitude for her.  She's the one with red hair (below).  :)  It was in 2005 when she helped the little voice in my head.  Telling me I could do it.  That was my first race.  And I did do it.  She has been my listening friend, my walking partner, and someone who just gets me (or is ok with the quirks).  And often is the one with great ideas and invites me along.  Anyway, so grateful that she has highlighted this little 'get out there' bug in me.  So grateful that she is in my life and that I get to call her my friend.

And so today, I am not too surprised that I find myself asking, okay, when's the next one.

As I walk around today.  I'll let my little stiffness give me a smile, reminding me of yesterday.

 But now I'm off to study!  Exam in 27.5 hours!  I guess another sort of race.


  1. Very proud of you and Mike. I wish I had a friend like Aimie when I used to run.
    Love Mom