Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

Oh Halloween.  We have so much fun here.  The kids had school on Halloween this year, so once they were out it was ready, set, go.......

First, we had some carving to do.  Was regretting that we left it for the last minute, but we HAD to carve the pumpkins!

Oh my gosh....and LOVE the seeds.  And we had puh-lenty of them.  YUM!!

We were all so happy to have the Petersen's here with us!  Emma came a little early and helped with some webs and did a little carving too!  Then we had some pizza and we were off!

Marin's costume was suppose to be a clown.  But then her big red nose bugged her too much, so when people asked her what she was she said "a clown 'slash' Katy Perry".  She was still super cute.  And so was Emma too.  Love their hair the most.  And Shane, well, his only requirement was a scary mask.  He's the clown.  With him, his friend Chase, Chandler and Orry.  The boys of course wanted to stretch their independence.  So the rule this year was they can walk on their own, but meet up at each corner before moving on.  Win-win.  ;)

And just because they are so stinkin' cute......

a little flashback

I love those plastic pumpkins!  Kinda wish I still had them....just because.  

Well, so we had a great night.  Hope yours was too!  


  1. Marin actually looks like a girl smurf. So cute. Save some seeds for me. See you soon.
    Love Mom

  2. She looks like she's from Candy Land or Rainbow Bright or something like that. Super cute.