Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I was little we use to go this cabin.  It was owned by a fireman friend of my dad's and he'd let our whole family (extended family included) use it.  This cabin had a really big porch.  Lots of trees.  And a creek where we had our 'jacuzzi'.  But really we were away from everything, all together, and in the trees.  I think everyone knew it was special.

We'd explore the property.  And, maybe because it's a childhood memory, I think the property was pretty big.  Anyway, if you'd cross the creek and walk a little way, there was a pomegranate tree.  It was FULL of them.  We'd pick one off (or grab one from the ground), break it in half and just start picking away with our red stained fingers.

Good memory.  And in my opinion, really yum too.

Saw some pomegranates at the grocery store today and was thinking.  I don't know if my kids have ever had one.  Maybe had some seeds (because our county is all fancy and stuff and that's how it can be bought now).  But I don't think they had ever had the seeds straight from the fruit.  Anyway, it was a hit.  They both loved it.  Made me smile.

We'll be hitting rewind on this memory a few more times I think.  ;)

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